Safe Hands For Girls

About us

Safe Hands for Girls was founded in 2013 by Jaha Dukureh, a young Gambian woman. We work in The Gambia, Sierra Leone and Atlanta USA, fighting FGM and child marriage. Our work combines grassroots activities with high-level advocacy.

Safe Hands for Girls (hereinafter referred to as SHfG) is a women-led organization dedicated  to helping women and girls that have gone through FGM or are at risk of going

through the practice. Staff and volunteers work together with youths and women to  provide them with a save space and assist them with services including education,  social services and advocacy, as they rebuild their lives. 

Safe Hands for Girls works towards the fulfilment of the UN Convention on the  Rights of the Child. Being a survivor led project, Safe hands for Girls understands  through lived experience, victims of FGM lose their chance for health, happiness, and  fulfilment of their potential and hopes in life. At present, at risk girls have no place

in their home communities, without support they will eventually be coerced to submit  to FGM, followed by an early marriage.